To our valued customers,

Here at BM Connections we are continuously reviewing and adapting our hygiene and sanitisation practices as the COVID-19 issue unfolds. One of our core values is ‘We are here to help and serve others’, and we are prepared to take extra measures to reduce any anxiety that people in our community are experiencing.

Our trading hours have not changed.

Our hygiene practices include:

  • Wearing latex gloves when handling keys or touching vehicles’ steering wheel, door handles, etc.
  • Using antibacterial wipes to sanitise steering wheels, door handles, gear sticks and keys before and after the service. 
  • Sanitising office surfaces, doors and phones periodically.

To limit contact, we have put the following additional measures in place:

  • If you are reluctant to drop off your vehicle to the premises, we are prepared to do a local pick-up/drop-off from your home.
  • Your invoice will be sent to you by email or text, with credit card payment over the phone.

Feel free to contact us by phone: 83333269 or email:

We thank you for your continuous support.

Stay well,

The team at BM Connections.

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