BM Connections are the Luxury and European Car Specialists in Adelaide

At BM Connections, we specialise in European vehicles.

Our technicians have years of knowledge behind them and experience working on a wide range of makes and models. With our great service and hardworking team, you can be confident that your vehicle is in trustworthy hands. 

Don’t have a European car? Don’t worry! We offer vehicle servicing for all makes and models. No matter what you drive, our goal is to ensure your vehicle is at its best.





Air conditioning

It’s our primary goal as car mechanics at BM Connections to make sure your vehicle is safe, well-maintained, and beautiful to drive. 

Car repairs and servicing should always be done to the highest standard. That's why, at BM Connections, we aim to source car parts and materials that are of the best possible quality and suited specifically to your vehicle.

During a car service, we check each of the vehicle’s major components (i.e. engine, battery, lights, wipers, etc.) to ensure they are maintained in optimal condition.

Our automotive specialists use up-to-date technology to diagnose any problems or faults within the management system of your vehicle, and we pride ourselves on being experts in problem solving.

The importance of a well-functioning car air conditioning system cannot be understated, and our mechanics are licensed to carry out service and repairs to these systems. Regular maintenance will help to avoid costly repairs to air conditioning components and assure a reliable system that guarantees your comfort whilst driving.

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In light of the COVID-19 issue, all of the team here at BM Connections have implemented heightened hygiene measures, and social distancing to ensure the safety of our customers and our team. 

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Fantastic Service!! My car is an older model, and if I am concerned with any noise or driving issue, Daniel always says to bring it down to have a look and test drive. Loan cars are great service too.

Sarah M.

What your team did was brilliant. They went beyond the call of duty. Well done to the entire team. Highly recommend service.


Had my C43 Mercedes serviced here and the workshop did a great job and reasonably priced. Loan car provided plus one of the techs noticed a mark on my door and buffed it out. Great stuff!

James C.

Great place to get your BMW or European vehicle serviced or repaired. Rocky is a genuine guy who knows his European cars well, takes pride in his work and cares for his customers.

Patrick C.

Great service and on this exceptional occasion, my car was delivered to my door after its service.

Brad M.

The engine draws air from the air filter. If the filter is blocked, air flow is restricted which leads to higher fuel consumption. The air filter is checked routinely during each service, and replaced if necessary. The vehicle’s engine oil is drained and replaced with fresh oil with every service which means minimum friction in the engine. This results in lower fuel consumption then would occur if your engine had dirty or insufficient oil. Dirty or not enough oil in the engine increases wear, and reduces performance.

1. DECLINING BRAKE PERFORMANCE – Over time, brake components begin to deteriorate. This is hardly surprising, as they are routinely worked so hard each time you drive. But this creeping deterioration impacts their ability to come to a smooth halt.

2. LEAKS – Oil and coolant leaks may not always be obvious. However, they do get reported during servicing, and attending to them can prevent engine damage.

3. PREMATURE TYRE WEAR – Is caused either by poor wheel alignment, suspension issues, or incorrect tyre pressure(s). You will save money and drive more safely if this is detected early.

1. Low tyre pressure causes a greater/larger amount of the tyre’s surface to have contact with the road, leading to premature wear.

2. Your vehicle will consume more fuel because there is more drag on the tyres, and the engine has to work harder/consume more fuel (to cover the same distance).

3. The braking and steering performance of your car is affected, which can put you in danger!

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